Premium Quality Bearings and sealing Products

Only the best

for our customers

Wholesale Premium Bearings and Seals

If you are looking for premium quality bearings and seals from a respected and ethical supplier, look no further than Square Parts. We work with all our customers to understand their individual needs and build tailor made solutions together.

Sensible Pricing Policy

Your business is ‘individual’ and should not be pigeon-holed into a blanket pricing policy.

We completely understand that every customer has different needs based on product range and product applications. Square Parts see things differently and we operate differently.

  • No Price Lists
  • No percentage discounts against individual product groups
  • Just customer specific sensible pricing

Building partnerships

We understand that fluctuations in demand are the norm, which is why we work closely with our customer partners to ensure product availability, in line with annual forecast requirements. You will never be just another customer to us.

We build partnerships with our customers, providing them with a framework for strategic inventory management and long-term growth.